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Transform Your Reality

Where do you want to go today?

The OmniPad™ is the first omnidirectional treadmill that uses a moving tread, just like a conventional treadmill, except you can safely walk, run or jog in ANY direction.

Wearing virtual reality display glasses, The OmniPad lets you maneuver in any direction through 3D terrains, military training scenarios, rehabilitative virtual environments and video games.

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360˚ Virtual Immersion

Travel inside your 3d world

Military & law enforcement

Simulator training

The OmniPad has significant applications within the world of military and police force simulator training. The OmniPad will enable trainees to maneuver in any direction through 3D realtime virtual environments as they practice their fighting skills.

Multiple OmniPads are able to be interconnected locally in the same training facility, or over the Internet for group-based training.

The OmniPad is wireless, and it is compact enough to be used in places where training space is limited, such as on submarines, destroyers and amphibious ships.


Consumers: video gamers

360˚ locomotion

Imagine taking a stroll on the moon, chasing a dragon through a medieval castle, shopping in a mall from the future, or running with gazelles on the Sahara Desert... right in your own living room!

The OmniPad will let you do all of this, and much more. You do not need any special shoes or special apparel to use the OmniPad. It also has a moving tread locomotion surface, just like regular treadmills, except you can walk, jog, or run in ANY direction.

Because the OmniPad uses an actual revolving tread, the user’s locomotion is very safe and very natural; just like walking or running in any direction on the normal ground.

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