The OmniPad Company is developing the next big innovation for virtual reality immersion to hit the market.

The OmniPad is a lightweight, portable and cost effective omnidirectional treadmill that is designed to enable 360-degree freedom of locomotion. It will allow people to naturally walk, jog or run through any type of 360-degree immersive virtual environment. The concept is that people on the OmniPad will wear (wireless) Virtual Reality Display Glasses, and they will maneuver their way on foot through and around these virtual environments. The 3D environments can be video games, terrain simulators, therapeutic environments, architecture walk-throughs, and much, much more.

People using the OmniPad will be able to travel endlessly in any direction inside of three-dimensional virtual environments. The users’ own natural locomotion on the OmniPad will “drive” the 3D environment in whatever direction they are moving their feet.

Multiple OmniPad users can simultaneously be linked to a single real time virtual environment, providing video game players, military trainees and other consumers the ability to interact with other users while inside of the same 3D environment at the same time. Meaning, each user will be represented in the virtual environment to the other users as 3D Avatars (3D characters), whose movement in this “environment” will mimic the users’ real locomotion on their own OmniPad

With the many technological advancements that have been made over the last few decades, the market is finally able to support the one missing link that is going to change the virtual reality experience forever.

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